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Distance Preview: A World Of Ruin

Allie was floating. Well, no, she wasn’t really, but with her eyes closed she certainly felt like she was. She wondered if North and Rosa felt the same sensation when they passed through their gate some time ago. It felt like a lifetime had passed. She had spent her time after their departure reading, then studying. The Keeper’s library was […]

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The Link Blog: Fixing Our Voting System

With the election looming, this might be a good time to re-introduce American voters to the alternative vote. This classic CGP Grey video explains how to adjust our voting methods […]

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Short Story: Crushes

Two college students discover something important about each other.

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Conservation Versus Hoarding

Animal conservation is one of those things everyone seems to agree on. Why yes, of course we should keep animals around. It would be disastrous if a bunch of them […]

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The Link Blog: Miami Therapist Shot For No Reason

So I want to talk about this today. What does shooting an unarmed therapist say about the state of our police forces? To sum up: on July 20th, a Miami […]

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How Kingdom Hearts Totally Nailed Income Gap

Buried within a Kingdom Hearts game is a stunningly accurate symbol of Income disparity.